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Everything for the Home! Visited by 32,000 People

13. 11. 2017

Last night the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre closed the doors of two fairs with a mutual slogan "Everything for the Home"! 186 companies from 13 countries exhibited in all the halls, and one more prefabricated on the external City Platform. The 28th Ambient Ljubljana presented itself with the offer of furniture and home furnishings, and the 2nd Home Plus for building furniture, heating and cooling technology and prefabricated houses. Both fairs were accompanied by free advice - from the Architectural Top Architect to advice on how to get it done, where to get and how to obtain grants, and exhibitions, lectures and expert consultations. In the Kocka hall we set up an exhibition and an exchange Top Ideas with fresh ideas of 24 young, promising creators, as the special guest the Ambient presented the world-famous Miniforms Company from Italy. All this rich program of exhibitors and accompanying events was viewed by 32,000 visitors, which is 2000 more than last year, the first presentation of two fairs with a complementary offer.



Ambient Ljubljana and Dom Plus Fairs in November

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