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Awards and certificates of the 28th furniture fair - Ambient Ljubljana

The best 5 – Top 5

Mizarstvo Bolčič d.o.o., for the Cockpit chair, designer Guillaume Delvigne
Commission's evaluation: fresh design solution, thoughtful ergonomics, top-notch manufacturing and respectful attitude towards wood.

Klinc Marko s.p., for the Pillow Sofa, designer Marko Klinc
Commission’s evaluation: a simple, efficient and playful modular solution with innovative backrest mounting.

Designer Neža Uran,for the semi-armchair Pero
Commission’s evaluation: Comfortable, high-quality, nicely designed semi-armchair, with great freshness and a mild retro touch.

Pikka design d.o.o., for the Circulum Wave plate, designers Rok Kuhar in Katjuša Kranjc
Commission’s evaluation: a versatile shelf for the living environment.

Pirnar d.o.o., for the Pirnar Ultimum Pure Entrance in wood with ONE TOUCH pull, designers Roman Pirnar in Ernest Bevc
Commission’s evaluation: an innovative solution, top quality manufacturing using the latest technologies.

The best of the 5 - Top of the Top:

Pirnar d.o.o., for the Pirnar Ultimum Pure Entrance in wood with ONE TOUCH pull, designers Roman Pirnar in Ernest Bevc.

The Top ideas – Design Exchange

The designers of the OMA MANUFACTURING studio, for the Hanga hanger
The designer Neža Uran, for the Pero semi-armchair
The designer Nina Malovrh, Šubidu s. p., for the Om Nom project
Nicest Show Room

And the award for the nicest show room at the Top Ideas of the designer Jernej Mali for the wholesome presentation of wooden craft products.

The Certificate of Designers Society of Slovenia for »Furniture 2018«

Podjetje Donar, for a versatile design-based development practice

Commission’s evaluation: 
There are very few Slovenian companies, which include designing for their strategy. The opinion that the designer is only a cost and not the basis of added value is completely unknown to the DONAR Company. The DONAR Company finds design a safe and cheapest investment. They do not understand the design as drawing beautiful images, but as a process from the beginning to the end, up to a possible rebirth. In their development strategy, indicators of social and environmental impact are defined. The company takes care of designing production processes, products and services that promote the use of renewable energy sources and waste reduction. Their technologies respect the environmental aspect; do not use adhesives and chemicals. The DONAR Company is entering the global market with completely own products, which are technologically and perfect in design, designed and fully manufactured in Slovenia.

Gold Award of the Naš Dom magazine

Mizarstvo Bolčič, for the Coco program, Mitja collections, designer Michael Schneider

Commission’s evaluation: 
The program includes: a mirror, a table and a chair; materials: European walnut, oak, ash; treatment: natural oils. The Mizarstvo Bolčič introduces and educates the customers how to keep natural wood aesthetical and alive. From the time of cooperation with the renowned pair of designers Tea and Edo Vidovič, the Mizarstvo Bolčič takes care of the innovative and careful use of wood in furniture. Wood is Bolčič and design is another name. The recognitions that have brought the experts in the Mizarstvo Bolčič to this prize through design can be seen in every detail. They have also provided for the excellent assembly, installation and transport of wooden elements. Doing that wood is always placed in the primary role. The connection of wood and ambient is consistent, and this is precisely the characteristic of the COCO line. The elements are connected and have their true image in the mirror. The tables are 130 and up to 240 cm long, 90 or 100 cm wide.

All items are oiled twice, manually, and need annual one-time maintenance.

The mirror is of two dimensions, a special feature is the curvature of a round profile that embodies the natural position of the wood.



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