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Everything for the Home!

7. 11. 2018

Dear Media Representatives!

Today at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, under the common slogan Everything for the Home!, we have opened the 29th Ambient Ljubljana - Furniture and Interior Design Fair and the 3rd Dom Plus with the offer of building furniture, heating and cooling technology, prefabricated houses and furnishings for the outside of the house. The fair has been opened by the Mayor of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković. At this occasion we have also presented awards and recognitions for the design surpluses of this year's Ambient Ljubljana. The top award - Top of the Top – was granted to the 3S Design Company for 3S Magnet Oblique, by designers Ms. Lana Strle, Ms. Kaja Strle and Ms. Maca Strle, chosen among the five award-winning products selected by the special commission on behalf of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

At both fairs, there are 234 companies from 19 countries, and we expect over 32,000 visitors till Sunday.

“For the third time,the trade shows are connected hoping they contribute to the economic growth and development of companies from these branches. At the same time we open the door to expert consultations, and the widest public, together with the ZRMK Construction Institute and the Eco Fund, is invited to receive free consultations on sustainable construction, renovation and heating.

Wealso promote the importance of design as a key element in product design. It is precisely the industrial designer who decisively influences the properties, such as usability, aesthetics or ergonomics of the product, and hence its competitive advantage in the market....

This year, we are opening the door for the 9th Exchange and exhibition the Top Ideas, where 24 young, promising creators are represented.

Their number is growing from year to year. Exceptional ideas are becoming more and more interesting for visitors and potential investors. The Top Ideas are the only such event in Slovenia which successfully promotes the creativity of young people and contributes to their entry into the market.” was emphasised in the speech of Mr. Iztok Bricl, MSc, Director of the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

More at: www.ambientljubljana.si  and www.sejemdom.plus

Awards and recognitions of the  29th Furniture Fair – Ambient Ljubljana

Top 5

The GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centrehas presented the awards to the 5 best - the top 5 for products or system solutions, that incorporate the best, the functionality with technological or  fine art quality. The expert commission, consisted of Mr. Janez Koželj, Mr. Vladimir Pezdirc, Mr. Marco Marangone and Mr. Marijan Orešić, has chosen the following:

·The Pirnar Company, for the Theatrica entrance wall , by the designers Mr. Roman Pirnar and  Mr.Ernest Bevc
The Commission's argument: the entrance to the apartment house offers a transparent solution in contrary to normal armoured entrances. At the same time, it provides superior security and protection using digital technology.

·The 3S Design Company, for the 3S Oblique Magnet, by the designers Ms. Lana Strle, Ms. Kaja Strle and Ms. Maca Strle
The Commission's argument: the OBLIQUE product simply solves the fundamental problems of furniture in the most accessible way. The design solution promotes the creative use of a flexible system of small accessories.

·The Donar Company, for the  Nico Less W1 Chair, designed by  Primož Jeza Studio
The Commission's argument: from the remains of high-quality material a seat shell can be produced and manufactured in large quantities, which makes it possible to achieve a relatively low price on the market. It is being developed by exploring the supports for various forms of use.

·The Furniture Aleš Potočnik,  for the NUTKitchen,by designers Mr. Julijan Krapež, Ms. Saša Barakovič and Mr. Aleš Potočnik
The Commission's argument: the NUT Kitchen is a result of a constant research, improvements, technology of a modern kitchen with the use of electric mechanisms.

·The Žurbi Team Company, for the table-tennis table, by designer Mr. Rok Žurbi
The Commission's argument: the table-tennis table made of artificial stone solves the problem of the use of sports facilities in the public space, which have to combine the criteria of sustainability, functionality and maintenance, while giving an artistic impression.

The best of them - Top of the Top:

·The 3S Design Company, for the 3S Oblique Magnet, by the designers Ms. Lana Strle, Ms. Kaja Strle and Ms. Maca Strle

The Top ideas – the Design Exchange – four awards for the boldest and freshest ideas at this year's Top Ideas, the exchange and the exhibition of imaginative, innovative and creative design solutions of young, promising architects and designers has been chosen by the Commission consisted of: Mr. Ernest Nograšek – President, Mr. Janez Mesarič and Mr.Dejan Kos:

·The Studio Ainofor Architecture and craft
·The Atelje Mali,for the Black, series of wooden products for dinning
·       Ms. Nina Koželj and Ms.Manca Kemperl for Vulgarisfurniture
· And the award for the nicests showroom  at the Top Ideas  which goes to designer Mr. Jan Petričfor the TRIIS table and the POOONTO BARCELONA hanger

The Designers Society of Slovenia Award for »Furniture of the year 2018»

Commission consisted of  Ms. Mateja Panter, Ms. Petra Zupančič and Mr. Jurij Dobrila has decided the award to go to:

·ThePirnarCompany, for the Theatrica entrance wall , by the designers Mr. Roman Pirnar and  Mr.Ernest Bevc

The Commission's argument:
The Pirnar Company understands the word "design" in its deepest sense. Not just something nice and eye-catching, but a development in the widest sense. Design is the future that is emerging today. The Pirnar Company understands the developmental way as a process without deviations, compromises and superficiality. The technological innovation stand is the foundation followed by the image, and the interweaving is created again and again - new and new doors. This time, the Theatrica Door, is representing a worldwide innovation.

The Golden Plaque of the Naš Dom Magazine - the editorial office of Večer's Naš Dom Magazine has been awarding it for 50 years and it is the oldest award of the furniture fair. It rewards functional solutions and can be received exclusively by the Slovenian manufacturer for the presented program, with which it is possible to fully or partially furnish the apartment the most functionally. The Commission, consisted of Ms. Jasna Marin, Ms. Evita Sinrajh and Mr. Robert Klun, has chosen among the exhibits the following:

·The Inotherm Companyfor the Exclusiv 3D Series Door, by the designer Mr. Tone Šenk

The Commission's argument
Each one of us when coming home meets the entrance door, and if it is beautiful, functional, well-functioning and made with identity, then that is where happiness resides. In addition to excellent strength and insulation, the Inotherm doors also have an exceptional range of performance options. Architects or customers can combine fillers and finishes - from aluminium, glass to wood, which give the door an exceptional end-look. The special feature of the wooden door detail from the Exclusiv 3d series, the Inotherm, convinces and fascinates with its unique processing that gives the door a superb look. When choosing the types of wood, there is a wide variety of it, and the wood is that design addition, with which the door gets a personal touch. 

You are kindly invited to get acreddited for the fairs at the website or personally at the Press Centre in the Jurček pavilion at the Dunajska Street, where the main entrance to the fair is. Thank you for your media attention.



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