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The Fairs Opened, the Awards of the 28th Ambient Ljubljana Presented

8. 11. 2017

Today, at 13.00, the doors of the Ambient Ljubljana and the Dom Plus fairs have been officially opened at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. As usually, awards and recognitions of this year's furniture fair - TOP 5 Awards, and the best of them - Top of the Top and Top Ideas - were presented by the Exchange of young designers, Promising creators, awarded by the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, the Award of the Slovenian Designers Society and the Gold Certificate the Naš Dom magazine.

The TOP 5 Award - TOP 5 tries to capture the best that designers and manufacturers have created and presented at the Ambient Fair. The International Commission chooses on the basis of established criteria that define good design - innovation, functionality, ecology, to list only the most important ones, stressed prof. Vladimir Pezdirc, the conceptual father of the awards of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The highest recognition among the TOP 5 - among the awards for products chosen by the special commission in the name of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Vladimir Pezdirc, Jani Bavčer, Marco Marangone and Marjan Orešić) - this year goes to Pirnar d.o.o. for the Pirnar Ultimum Pure entrance in wood with the ONE TOUCH pull, by the designers Roman Pirnar and Ernest Bevc. The Commission noted that it is an innovative solution and a top quality manufacture using the most advanced technologies.

Mag. Iztok Bricl, director of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, presented the design and the program of both fairs, which together represent 186 companies from 13 countries. "Two fairs with one ticket, according to last year's premier, prove that we are on the right track. The Ambient Fair exhibits furniture and home furnishings, while the Dom Plus offers building carpentry, heating and cooling technology and prefabricated houses. The event takes place from today until Sunday in all the halls of the GR and in the additional prefabricated hall on the City Platform under the mutual slogan "Everything for the Home!". As organizers, they also invited professional basis this year and jointly prepared a varied accompanying program. Free consultations and lectures are provided at the Dom Plus fair by independent experts from the ZRMK Construction Institute and the ENSVET - Eko Fund on sustainable construction, the choice of energy sources or the way of heating, obtaining grants, living comfort and removing inconvenience, such as moisture and mould, etc.

Prof. Pezdirc has evaluated the fair strategy, as successful which significantly intertwined the functioning of the furniture fair with design. The role of design is necessary in the development of new high quality competitive products and services, which is positively reflected in the economic and social success of each company and, last but not least, in the work and mission of the Ambient Ljubljana, he emphasized and presented the main projects: "The exhibition and design exchange - The Top Ideas, where the Lesnina and the Mömax are the main supporters of this year, have been  recognized by young designers as an excellent opportunity to present their ideas and to enter the market. Architectural consulting - The Top Architect is undoubtedly popular and useful for the visitors of the fair, as it helps them to furnish their living environment with professional advice and promotes the broader meaning of the culture of living. The Special Guest of the fair - this year, the Italian company Miniforms, which presents itself with its special products and designers, provides direct insight and confrontation with the current production of furniture of a world-renowned company, since its products can be found practically on all continents. Gradually, with these activities and prizes, the idea exchange, round tables and professional lectures, they have become increasingly strong links and cooperation between the design profession, the economy and of course the end user, " concluded Pezdirc.

The Top 5 prizes are on display at a special exhibition in the Kocka hall.



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