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Two fairs under the slogan Everything for the Home!

2. 11. 2016

From the 9th to 13th of November, at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, two fairs are held, which can be visited with one ticket, also because together they present the wholesome offer of everything for the home. The Ambient Ljubljana   shows the offer of furniture and interior furnishings, the Dom Plus exhibits carpentry, heating and cooling technology and prefabricated houses. 182 companies from 17 countries are participating at both fairs. So, for the five November days at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre we furnish, build in and advise under the mutual slogan Everything for the Home!
Two fairs, at the same time, under the same roof are dedicated to all, who, are, in different phases, deciding for either renovating or furnishing their living, business or private premises. It is well-known, that Slovenians, at the values scale, rank very high the meaning of our home. All the time we invest in it, we seek advice about it, we plan. 
At the 27th Ambient Ljubljana all the design lovers are welcome to see what is new with us in this field. This year Top Ideas are highlighted for design gourmets. It is already the 7th exhibition and exchange of young perspective architects and designers. To many of those, who have appeared at the Top Ideas in this fairy seven years, our mutual project has been a springboard, a runway to recognition, which put them among great names. If we mention just the group Desnahemisfera, young creators,
“Top Minds”, who were addressed as Special Guests of the Ambient Ljubljana last year, and this year, at the Top Ideas, they are introducing their Top prototype – levitating turntable MAG-LEV Audio. Their hit is also a confirmation for us as organisers, connectors and promoters of Top Ideas. And this year’s novelty: within the group XXLutz the project has been financially supported by momax and lesnina, that are going to enable the best chosen ones by the professional committee, to exhibit their products in momax and lesnina showrooms. Together with them and the projects being developed at the fair as added value, we would like to let the public know, that design is not something sublime and inaccessible. It is the creative inseparable component of each product which makes it unique, unrepeatable and for that recognizable.
The culture of living is also important, that is why the last year premier hit – the architectural counselling Top Architect and Ambient  Special Guest are continued this year as well. Some of the Top Ideas’ exhibitors, young architects and designers are available to interested visitors for a half-hour free architectural consulting. This year Ambient’s Special guest is the company Calligaris – one of the leading manufacturers of tables, chairs and chests of drawers, furniture for living and dining rooms, accessories and decorations for home  in the world, which emphasises functionality and nice design in combination with various materials and treatments.
Traditionally, we are going to award best creations of the exhibitors with certificates Top 5 and Top of the Top chosen by the special international committee. The winners can be seen in special exhibit in the Hall Kocka.
The guests of Ljubljana furniture fair for some years,  ICE Ljubljana – the Department of the Embassy of Italy for EconomicPromotion and the Embassy of the Poland Republic, are also participating this year with the exhibitions of contemporary industrial design, and the first mentioned also with a round table and prominent speakers  with the titleDesigning Industry. I would like to mention the lecture about the positive experience of the Slovenian Furniture Manufacturers Consortium through the Company Magnet Design in the Gulf countries.
At the fair, the Company Snaga Ljubljana is participating with upcycled usable furniture with selected pieces of interior furnishing of the administrative building of the Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Centre – RCERO Ljubljana. By exhibiting upcycled and usable furniture they would like to show that with creative reuse, mending and recycling the products life span is prolonged and sustainable attitude towards things is supported.
At the  Mestna ploščad, there is the Exhibition Concrete Products – the presentation of building and dwelling products of the company Žurbi Team.
During the fair, there is free counselling of independent experts from the Building and Civil Engineering Institute and the ENSVET  net of Eco Fund – Slovenian Environmental Public Fund.
Useful expert advice can come handy when making decisions for building and renovating, and in processes of obtaining building permits. Every day you can get advice from experienced architects, landscape architects, building physicists, heating and cooling experts, experts in the fields of building in passive or almost no-energy standard, as well as independent expert lectures and presentations regarding sustainable building, sustainable heating, living environment and building systems.
Wood is undoubtedly the element that connects both fairs as a whole, either in function of furniture and carpentry or wooden prefabricated houses. The Department of Wood Science and Technology at the Biotechnical Faculty of University Ljubljana and SPIRIT Slovenija, the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia are introducing experiments with wood. The second day of the fair there will be a professional conference about the opportunities and challenges of Slovenian economy regarding the used wood.
To say in short: fair activities in organization of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre connect, raise awareness and add useful advice for the ones, who want to know more than the exhibited programme offers. At the fairs Ambient Ljubljana and the Dom Plus, together, we furnish, we advise, we build in.



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