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Welcome speech 2017

Dear guests; honoured Mr. Dejan Crnek, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana Municipality; Mr. Prof. Vladimir Pezdirc; representatives of the diplomatic corps; dear exhibitors; dear colleagues.

Welcome to the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre!

Two fairs, the Ambient and Dom Plus Fair, with one ticket are the proof that we are on the right way after last year's premiere.

The Ambient Fair exhibits furniture and interior furnishings, while the Dom Plus Fair includes building furniture, heating and cooling technology and prefabricated houses.

The fair will be held from today until Sunday in all the halls of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and in the additional assembled hall and on the Mestna ploščad, under the common slogan Everything for Home!

At both fairs, 186companies from 13 countries participate. As organizers, we also invited branch professional backing this year and jointly prepared a varied accompanying program.

Free consultations and lectures are held at the Dom Plus all five days.

Visitors at the showrooms get an overview of the offer and with free advice from landscape architects, financiers, construction physicists and other experts they get answers to their specific questions.

The main thread of this year's program is focused on the comprehensive renovation of multi-dwelling buildings - from the collecting of ideas to the final realization of the project.

For years, the program has been prepared by the ZRMK Construction Institute and the ENSVET Network.

The Association of Woodworkers of Slovenia and its partners organizes a consultation and a round table on Challenges in Wood Industry on Thursday.

For many years, at the Ambient Fair, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre has been actively developing projects that promote the growth and development of the furniture industry and design in Slovenia.

This year we have prepared already the 8th exhibition and the Top Idea Exchange, where 24 young creators present design ideas, which is the most so far. The sponsors of the project are Mömax and Lesnina XXL.

Three years ago, we also introduced free architectural consulting Top Architect and Special Guest of the Ambient Fair. This year it is the Miniforms Company from Italy.

For twelve years now, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, in the selection of the special commission for design surpluses among the exhibited products, awards Top 5 Prizes, which can be seen at a special exhibition.

We are convinced that our fair strategy contributes much more than just an overview of the exhibitors' offer.

We believe that with these projects, round tables, professional lectures and thick catalogue, we managed to connect the design profession, the economy and the broadest public, ie our visitors or final consumers.

We also want to bring this year's exhibition content closer with a special discounted ticket, that is, Happy Hour Ticket.

You are also invited to visit the RETROspection exhibitions; this is the Polish design at the beginning of the 21stcentury and second-hand furniture and equipment from the Ljubljana Re-use Centre.

The diversity in the timber structure is represented by the Department of Woodworking of the Ljubljana University Biotechnical Faculty.

On the Mestna Ploščad, the wooden self-sufficient unit for temporary stay of the Permiz Company and the construction and housing products of the Žurbi Team Company are on display.

At the end I would like to thank everyone who equips, installs and advises with us in order to connect the offer of fairs in a living organism, which contributes to the economic growth and development of companies from these branches.

Sincere congratulations to the award winners!

See you again in a year.

Thank you.

Dear guests, Mr. Dejan Crnek, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana Municipality, esteemed representatives of the diplomatic corps, ladies and gentlemen.

Today, the organizer of the Ambient Fair will present 12 awards for the five best-designed products selected by the international jury of the Ambient Fair 2017.

Looking back, we can conclude that the Ambient has been undisputedly improving and strengthening its important role and image of the presentation of the current development and production of the living environment elements in the area between Milan and Vienna.

I believe that this part of this successful route, which has steadily risen despite the past global crisis period, should be attributed to the organizer‘s decision to intertwine the design in its own fair strategy and operation.

The TOP FIVE Award - tries to capture the best that designers and manufacturers have created and presented at the Ambient Fair. The international jury chooses on the basis of established criteria that define good design - innovation, functionality, ecology, to list only those most important.

The Design Exchange - TOP IDEAS, where this year's main supporters Lesnina and Mömax have been recognized by the young designers as an excellent opportunity to present their ideas, and the possibility of entering the market. Architectural counselling - TOP ARHITEKT - is undoubtedly popular and useful for visitors to the fair, as it helps them to regulate their living environment with professional advice and promotes the broader meaning of the culture of living.

The Special guest of the fair - this year, the Italian company MINIFORMS, which presents itself with its special products and designers, provides a direct insight and confrontation with the current production of furniture of a world-renowned company, since its products can be found practically on all continents.

Gradually, with these activities and prizes, the ideas exchange, round tables and professional lectures, stronger connections and cooperation have strengthened among  the design profession, the economy and, of course, the end users.

In the future, design will have an even more important role as its research and development  oriented activities, have been looking for new solutions and problems, and trying to respond to them with concrete and innovative solutions for products that specifically create, build and influence our environment – the AMBIENT. Thus, they create a new better quality of our space, feeling and comfort, and, last but not least, change us.

The European Community also recognizes in its documents the design as a key linking element of cultural, social, economic, technological and scientific factors. Design is considered to be an essential basis for the development of creative economies with an emphasis on innovations.

Design is a driving force in the search or and the development of new innovative products and services, which is, in its operation, torn between the research and development processes of the economy and marketing, but focuses on the end user. The role of design is necessary in the development of new high-quality competitive products and services, which is positively reflected in the economic and social success of each company, and, last but not least, in the operating and mission of AMBIENT.

Prof. Vladimr Pezdirc